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RRL Pipe Repair

RRL Patented Pipe Repair

Utilizing the VRC Metal Systems Cold Spray Method, completely fill the defect in the pipe to a level beyond the original thickness. 

Use of a disc grinder will smooth out the peaks and valleys formed during the void filling process. This will allow for a uniform surface to transfer the load in the pipe uniformly to the composite.

Mix the Anti-Corrosion epoxy uniformly.  Apply the epoxy over the entire area to be wrapped by the composite. Ensure that it is applied to the required thickness and goes slightly beyond the width of the wrap that follows. Spray water before and during the wrapping process to activate the resin inside the carbon fiber composite. 

Center the repaired area under the composite and wrap the carbon fiber roll to the specified number of layers. Immediately after wrapping the composite, utilize compression film to press all of the layers together and to protect the composite while it cures.  Be sure to perforate the compression film to allow excess water and resin to escape while the composite cures. When the resin hardens and is dry to touch, the compression film can be removed and the pipe is ready to be backfilled.