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Metal Manufacturing Experts

Keep your industrial operations flowing smoothly with Heartland Repair and Coatings. We specialize in tackling complex repair and coating challenges as well as manufacturing solutions for critical equipment in the energy sector. Our expertise in both cutting-edge cold spray technology and proven welding methods allows us to create custom solutions that are built to last. Whether you need to restore a worn discharge dampener blower pipe or enhance the performance of another vital component, we can deliver highly durable and reliable results – tailored to your unique needs and exceeding industry standards. Trust Heartland to extend the life of your equipment and minimize downtime, maximizing your productivity and profitability.

High Pressure Cold Spray

HRC uses cold spray, a high-pressure coating technique, to strengthen metal products for different applications. This method offers several advantages: minimal heat impact, manual operation, flexible thickness, good machinability, and low porosity. Ideal for repairs like cast iron housings, shafts, pipes, and vessels. Whether you are manufacturing a new part with cold spray’s deposit process, or repairing existing alloys, cold spray could be the solution you are looking for.

This discharge dampener blower pipe was fabricated by HRC’s team using traditional heat welding and cold spray to decrease wear and extend the life of the metal. The previous blower pipes were affected by extensive corrosion. The technicians at HRC used cold spray that will stop the corrosion and increase the life span.

Traditional Heat Welding

Traditional heat welding plays a major role in metal manufacturing, fusing different alloys for applications like building pressure vessels, process piping, and other structural fabrications. Traditional welding has the ability to create strong and durable bonds and can be used in addition to cold spray. For applications demanding both control and robustness, traditional heat welding continues to be a reliable workhorse in the manufacturing landscape.