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Metal Manufacturing Experts

Keep your industrial operations flowing smoothly with Heartland Repair and Coatings. We specialize in metal manufacturing and repair solutions for critical equipment in the energy sector. Our expertise in cutting-edge cold spray technology and traditional heat welding methods allows us to create custom metal manufacturing solutions built to last. Whether you need to build a new pressure vessel or a replacement for a worn discharge dampener blower pipe, we can deliver highly durable and reliable results – tailored to your unique needs while exceeding industry standards. Trust Heartland Repair & Coatings for industrial metal manufacturing solutions customized to meet your needs.

High Pressure Cold Spray

High-pressure cold spray is a  coating technique that strengthens metal components for different industrial applications. Unlike heat welding, Cold Spray is a solid-state metal deposition process that utilizes a high-speed gas jet to propel metallic powders onto a substrate.  This method offers several advantages: minimal heat impact, manual operation, flexible thickness, good machinability, and low porosity. Cold Spray is ideal for manufacturing metal components such as cast iron housings, shafts, pipes, and pressure vessels. At HRC, we are always looking to capitalize on new metal manufacturing technologies for optimal results.

Metal Manufacturing with Cold Spray

Heartland Repair & Coatings embraces innovation alongside traditional techniques. We are proud to incorporate cold spray technology specifically for manufacturing pressure vessels, process piping, and other metal components. Unlike traditional welding, high-pressure cold spray applies these materials at temperatures significantly lower than the melting point, minimizing heat distortion and metallurgical changes. Cold spray offers many advantages for metal manufacturing in the energy sector:

Cold spray allows for the application of corrosion-resistant coatings on pressure vessels and process piping. This extends their service life and protects them from harsh operating environments, especially in the chemical processing and oil & gas industries.

Cold spray can create wear-resistant or erosion-resistant linings for pressure vessels and process piping used to transport abrasive or corrosive materials. This extends pipe lifespan and reduces maintenance requirements.

  • Cold spray can be used to create unique or complex components for the energy sector. This opens the door for innovative designs and improved efficiency in energy production and distribution systems.

By incorporating high-pressure cold spray technology, HRC empowers energy sector manufacturers to achieve superior performance, extended lifespans, and innovative designs in their pressure vessels, piping networks, and other metal components.

This discharge dampener blower pipe was fabricated by HRC’s team using traditional heat welding and cold spray to decrease wear and extend the life of the metal. The previous blower pipes were affected by extensive corrosion. The technicians at HRC used cold spray that will stop the corrosion and increase the life span.

Traditional Heat Welding

Heartland Repair & Coatings certified welders deliver high-quality energy sector manufacturing solutions using traditional heat welding. Heat welding plays a major role in metal manufacturing, fusing different alloys for applications like building pressure vessels, process piping, and other structural fabrications. Heat welding creates a strong and durable bond and can be used in addition to cold spray for the ultimate metal manufacturing solution.

Our technicians understand the critical nature of pressure vessel and process piping welds and adhere to strict ASME Section VIII Division I standards to ensure safety and reliability. We utilize preheating and post-weld heat treatment procedures as needed to optimize weld strength and minimize distortion. Our team also performs rigorous non-destructive examinations (NDE) to ensure weld integrity and code compliance. For applications demanding both control and robustness, traditional heat welding continues to be a reliable workhorse for metal manufacturing in the energy sector.

Heat Welding for Process Piping Manufacturing

At HRC, we offer traditional welding expertise for process piping systems across various industries. Our welders are proficient in joining pipes of different diameters and materials, ensuring a leak-proof and structurally sound piping network.  We follow industry best practices for pipe preparation, joint fit-up, and welding procedures to guarantee a reliable and long-lasting piping system. Our traditional welding services for process piping include:

A popular choice for thicker pipes due to its deep penetration and ability to handle various pipe positions.

Ideal for creating clean and precise welds on thin-walled pipes and exotic materials used in process piping systems.

This process utilizes a continuously fed electrode and shielding gas for faster welding speeds and good weld quality, making it suitable for various pipe sizes and materials.

Heat Welding for Pressure Vessel Manufacturing

HRC offers custom pressure vessel manufacturing using traditional heat welding techniques. We work closely with clients to understand their specific requirements, including pressure rating, material selection, and desired size and configuration. With traditional heat welding methods we can create pressure vessels that meet your specific needs while exceeding industry safety standards. Our traditional welding capabilities for pressure vessel manufacturing encompass:

Fabrication of pressure vessels from various carbon and stainless steels.

Execution of qualified welding procedures by certified welders.

  • Implementation of Non-Destructive Examination (NDE) techniques to verify weld quality.

Pressure testing to ensure vessel strength and leak tightness.

Delivery of a final product with complete documentation and certifications.

Manufacturing Solutions with Heartland Repair & Coatings

At Heartland Repair & Coatings, we are committed to providing our clients with the most comprehensive and effective solutions for their metal manufacturing and repair needs. Our expertise spans traditional welding techniques, ideal for pressure vessels, process piping, and general metal fabrication. Additionally, we offer innovative cold spray technology for situations requiring minimal heat input or unique material properties. No matter your project demands, HRC has the tools and experience to deliver exceptional results. Contact us today to discuss your specific requirements and explore how our welding and cold spray capabilities can elevate your manufacturing and repair processes.